Projectes d'enginyeria física 2

Treballs d'estudiants

Informes dels treballs en equip fets pels estudiants

    • Arnoldi Stability Analysis of Modulated Tollmien-Schlichting Waves in Shear Flows
    • Marc Santigosa, Oriol Abril

      Responsable: √Ālvaro Meseguer
    • Visualization of wave packets in Quantum Mechanics. Reflection and Transmission coefficients. Tunel eff ect
    • J√ļlia Alsina Oriol, Marc Basquens Mu√Īoz, Conrad Corbella Bagot

      Responsable: Jordi Boronat
    • Fabrication and determination of performance parameters of a pyrene-based organic thin-film transistor
    • A. Amell, D. Mart√≠, J. C. Morales

      Responsable: Joaquim Puigdollers
    • Accurate computation of critical properties for the 2-D Ising model on periodic networks through finite size scaling analysis
    • Llibert Arest√© Sal√≥, Jordi Barcel√≥ Mercader

      Responsable: Rosendo Rey
    • ECG: design of an electrocardiograph and comparison with a numerical ventricular
    • M. Ballesta, M. Guasch, N. Salvat

      Responsable: Blas Echebarría
    • Model Rocket Workshop
    • Salim Benadouda, Sergi Castella, Maria Mir√≥, Marta Ravent√≥s, Ignasi Traver

      Responsable: Santiago Torres
    • Lift and Drag coefficient in a section of a plane's wing
    • Xavier Cabanes, Alex Nowak

      Responsable: Sonia Fernàndez
    • Design, characterization and application of an erbium-doped fiber laser for the study of cancer cells
    • R. Cuervo, J. Espar, A. Mart√≠nez, A. Peralta, S. Rey, E. Romo

      Responsable: José Antonio Lázaro
    • Wind tunnel Aerodinamical Measurements
    • Pablo Garc√≠a, Alejandro L√≥pez, Fernando Mart√≠nez, Albert Ripoll, Pere Taul√©

      Responsable: Daniel Crespo
    • Automatic Monitoring of vehicles at UPC Parking Campus Nord
    • J. Maroto

      Responsables: Javier Ruiz, Lluís Torres
    • Representation of Energy Bands in a 1D Periodic Potential
    • I√Īigo Urtiaga, Luis Mart√≠nez

      Responsable: Ferran Mazzanti
    • Vanadium Pentoxide as a hole selective contact for novel heterojunction solar cells based on n-type silicon
    • Luis Mart√≠n, Eloi Ros, and Ra√ľl Perea

      Responsable: Cristóbal Voz
    • Response of crystalline and amorphous metallic alloys to pulsed THz radiation
    • Yago Nel Vila, Araceli Navarro

      Responsables: Daniel Crespo, Pere Bruna
    • Calculus of the Density-of-states in pentacene thin-film transistor
    • David P√°ez, Laura Rodr√≠guez, J√ļlia Tom√†s

      Responsable: Joaquim Puigdollers
    • Proof of concept for angle of arrival detection system
    • Bernat Puig, Borja Requena

      Responsable: Albert Aguasca
    • Modelling and Design of a Quadrupole Ion Trap
    • Lara V. Scavuzzo

      Responsable: Juan M. Rius