Projectes d'enginyeria física 2

Treballs d'estudiants

Informes dels treballs en equip fets pels estudiants (curs 2018-2019)

    • Agent-Based Models to study tuberculosis in Nigeria / Marta Florido, Joan Llobera, and Isabel Medrano
    • Bidirectional opto-antenna design for 5G wireless nodes / Armando Estévez García, Gerard Pons Recasens
    • Paul’s Trap / Pau Blanco and Miquel Anglada
    • Exploration of Boltzmann Machines via Bars and Stripes / Joan Ariño Bernad, Adam Teixidó Bonfill
    • Numerical algorithm for simulations of Brownian particles in an ionic channel with fixed-density boundary conditions / Oscar Escolano, Eric Planas
    • Full duplex network access with colorless and source-free optical network units / Simon Cichy, Miquel Masanas
    • Experimental and theoretical analysis of ventricular rat cardiomyocyte / David Civantos, Joan Farre, Oriol Vidal, and Joan Villalonga
    • Mathematical Model to Study the Influence of Dyrk1A on Spine Maturation / Santiago Acosta Mendoza
    • Supplemental Information / Santiago Acosta Mendoza
    • Building of a computational lung for studying pulmonary diseases / Aida Perramon, Inma Villanueva
    • Optical True Time Delay Network For Antenna Beam Steering in 5G Wireless Networks / Martí Llobet Turró, Josep Maria Panadés Blas
    • On the nova population in m81 / Júlia Barrufet, Sergi Bernal, Pepo Aguirre
    • System of control of the quantity of liquid in soda cans based on gamma radiation transmission / Marc Bernet Garcia, David Cerviño Fungueiriño, Paul Jamet Suria
    • A 1D analogue of the SMOS interferometer / Gonzalo Cao Labora, Adrià Medina i Díez
    • Effect of the interfacial dipole layer based on cysteine on the electrical characteristics of organic Thin-Film Transistors / David Feldstein Bofill, Albert Herrero Parareda, Carles Núñez Arilla
    • Heat sensor on wheels / Monica Calleja, Nuria Olivares, Hector Pascual
    • Aerodynamics measurements in a wind tunnel / Naiara Fernandez Lopez and Jesus Morales Pastor
    • Computational Simulation of Lithium-Helium Mixtures / Laura Portos, Sandra Wells
    • Succinonitrile experiment data analysis and model selection using bayesian methods / Pau Batlle Franch, Alexandra Mestre Torà, Luis Carlos Pardo
    • Numerical Methods for the study of Bose-Einstein Condensates using the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation / Melcior Pijoan, Roger Bahí, Pol Mestres
    • Simulation of linkages / Erik Ferrando and Martín Forsberg
    • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Astrophysics problems / Guillem Ramírez, Eric Soriano
    • Terahertz waves: The last frontier of the electromagnetic spectrum / Víctor Marrugat Arnal, Marta Rubio Huertas
    • Viscoelastic fluid simulation with openfoam / Miquel Negre and Pau López