Teledetecció òptica


1. Introduction to Optical Remote Sensing (ORS)

Specific objectives: What and how?, ORS active: Laser Radar (lidar) systems, ORS passive: Optical radiometers

2. Radiometry Fundamentals

Specific objectives: Basic concepts, Natural radiation, Absorption, Surface properties, Scattering mecanisms, Atmospheric propagation of radiation

3. Optical and Electro-Optical Subsystems

Specific objectives: Optical components, Laser sources, Detectors, Signal conditioning, acquisition and pre-processing

4. Elastic LIDAR Systems

Specific objectives: Architecture, Examples of real systems, pseudo-random systems

5. LIDAR Link-Budget

Specific objectives: Receiving chain, generalised signal-to-noise ratio, lidar range estimation and simulation, Problem discussion I

6. LIDAR Inversion Algorithms

Specific objectives: Inversion of opto-atmospheric parameters, examples

7. Raman LIDAR Systems

Specific objectives: Raman lidar, elastic-Raman lidar systems, Problem discussion II

8. Wind LIDAR Systems

Specific objectives: Coherent Doppler lidar, direct-detection systems, incoherent techniques

9. Other Laser-Radar Systems

Specific objectives: DIAL, fluorescence lidar, other systems

10. General Characteristics of Passive Systems

Specific objectives: Physical considerations, classification of radiometers, imaging radiometers

11. Real Examples (Satellite Passive Systems)

Specific objectives: Optical Radiometers onboard satellites, missions